"We had a number of agents knock on our door when they became aware we were in the process of selling our home. They all had a good sales pitch and gave us pause to consider them. However, we had heard how professional, articulate and efficient Janet was as a Real Estate Agent. We listed our house with her and we were impressed how she handled the entire process. All documentation needed was well explained and when we made amendments to an offer, it was well written and presented, which resulted in a quick sale of our home. (Further)...She was available any time we contacted her, she was punctual for all our meetings, and she met all her commitments to timeframes when sending documents to all involved parties. She also had 2-day open houses, back-to-back on two different weekends and presented the house professionally...and I was impressed that she had a financial agent also attend to explain financing to any potential buyer. Our house sold quickly and everything went smooth. Now, just the big move to the new house. I hope you consider Janet as your Real Estate Agent should the need arise, as you will certainly be pleased knowing that you are in excellent hands during a major event in your life."

P & S. L.

”I will certainly keep you top of mind if I have any clients that are not already in a contract. And likewise, I am never to busy for your referrals either. I like the way you work and think – very thorough, organized and methodical – like me – so I know we are well suited to look after each other’s clients."

Posted By: L.W.

”I have tremendous respect and admiration for you...you certainly are a breath of fresh air.”

Posted By: O.R

“Writing to say "THANKS" for our time together and lunch this afternoon. It was nice to see you. And "good luck" in your move (between Brokerages). You are a great person who cares a lot about other people and you go the extra mile. We need more like you.”

Posted By: H.M

“I wanted to take the time to say thanks very much from me and (my clients) on the truly fantastic job you did with getting this wall fixed. I haven't heard the details about how it was paid for or how the finished wall looks but you have been great to work with and I know that my clients are delighted with the result. I have witnessed the time and effort you have put forth and I would also like you to let (your Sellers) know that I also appreciate everything they have done to make (the house) a great home for my friends. Hope to see you soon but thanks a million.” J.V."

Posted By: J.V

“Thanks Janet. We miss you too. Out of all my years here you have had the best paperwork!!!"

Posted By: C.W., Deal Administrator

“Thank you for the e-mail. I am impressed with your layout, but no surprise you are a Pro at whatever you do. It was nice hearing from you and yes, I will see you on June 17th for lunch. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Until then, I will close.”

Posted By: G. & G.L.

“Thanks for the lovely card. From the first time I met you I took you for a very professional and classy lady. My view hasn't changed. At the moment I don't know of anybody who is thinking of selling, but I will have no reservations of recommending you if something does come up." Regards: F.K.

Posted By: F.K.

“Hi Janet, Thanks for all of the info.

My brother and I have discussed the value of the house and have agreed on a figure for it. The work you did for us and the information you provided was a great help in reaching our agreement. I really appreciate all of the time and effort you put in for us."

Thanks again for all of your help."

Posted By: P.H.

“My fiancé and I were lucky enough to find Janet while searching for an apartment to rent, she happened to be the representative for the renter and was extremely helpful while discussing the location and our needs. Representing the renter she was thorough, intuitive, and cautious with making sure we were a good fit.....

Having just moved from Alberta, with no idea of what location we needed, Janet was patient, suggestive and very helpful. What initially was an inquiry into a rental place became a hunt to find a home to buy. From my first conversation with her, I knew she would look out for our interests, just as she had for the landlord of the rental property I had looked at previously.

It is rare to find someone who not only takes a personal interest in your decision to purchase a place, but someone who is willing to experience your discovery process with you. Her flexibility assisted us in traveling to locations she had never been, obtaining information from districts she was not registered with, and taking time to ensure we understood what we had been looking for in a home. She was not only very helpful and understanding, but she became part of our team. She understood, better than we did in some cases, what we wanted. She made suggestions and provided assistance when we had lost all hope. Accommodating our schedules and never worried about the time it took, she was always there to help, and for this I refer to her as an amazing woman and agent.

Janet is a delight to work with and I would highly recommend her as your agent. If you are looking for someone to guide you knowledgeably into a new home, look no further, I assure you that you’ll be taken care of from start to finish and walk away as happy as we are.

Thank you Janet! With a lot of your help we are comfortable and very happy with our new home.”

Posted by S.C. & S. J.

"Hi Janet, John and I wanted to thank you for your kind words which you shared in our recently received card. Also, thank you for the Christmas ornament. It has been given a prominent place on our library shelf, as a reminder that in 20xx we purchased our new home thanks to the excellent guidance and help of our Real Estate Agent, Janet Dowson."

Sincerely, M & J. W.

“Hi Janet, John and I have been enjoying the benefit of your effort to find us just that right place. This evening, we sat in the family room, with the subdued lighting in the kitchen area and felt so blessed to have C.....(street) as our home. We are working at changing things to make it ours, but John has mentioned continually how quiet it is inside the house. Janet, your work, your patience, your expertise, and most of all, your kindness towards us, will not be soon forgotten. It was pleasure to have met you and we would like to keep you in our lives!"

Posted by M.W.

"It was a pleasure for John and I to have met with you on Thursday. We feel confident our next home will be a blessing to us, and that with your support we will have a successful search. Have a great weekend."

Sincerely, M. & J.W.

"Thanks Janet for the kind words! It is good to be back (to work)....I do enjoy what I do!

Thanks for all that you are doing to try to sell my house as quickly as possible.

Take care....speak with you soon."

Posted By: D.M

"I was impressed with your enthusiasm, and the extensive preparation & study of the area my house was situated in. You were also a great help in preparing my house for Sale”

Posted By: R.K.

“Janet, The pictures look great! I hope Saturday has a big turnout. Thank you for being a wonderful agent and an even better friend.”

Posted By: DK