Why Buy Your Own Home?

If you are thinking of buying a home, it's crucial to examine the main advantages and disadvantages to determine whether now is the right time for you.

One of the biggest financial and rewarding decisions you will make is buying a home. It pays to address the main advantages and...

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Are You Financially Ready?

Once you've decided that you are ready for homeownership, you need to determine if you are financially ready. How do you know if you can really afford to own a house and all the costs that go with it? You can start by reviewing your financial condition. Test yourself with some financial...

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How Much Will It Really Cost?

You will need to plan ahead to calculate closing costs when buying a home. There are additional expenses that do not relate directly to the transaction itself, including legal fees and disbursements, provincial land-transfer filing fees and property purchase taxes. Other potential expenses...

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What Should You Buy?

You need to think about your current and future needs before you start searching for a home. Now that you are ready to buy, learn how to find the homes with the right size, price, neighbors, schools, location, services - and much more. Here are some things to consider:

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What Professionals Should You Call On?

The home buying process can be long, time intensive and a whole new learning process. This is why you'll want a team of professionals helping you along the way.

The Real Estate Agent

Finding the right team of professions to help you throughout the process of...

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How Can You Find The Right Home?

Once the decision to buy a home has been made, and you figure out what you can afford to pay for a house and obtain a pre-qualified mortgage, you are ready to start your search. Use all resources available in looking for homes:

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Ready To Buy?

Making an Offer to Purchase

You have found a dream house and you want it badly. Your first urge is to rush in and BUY your new home. If you are a first time purchaser, however, writing a purchase contract can be a scary step. Your real estate agent will help you through...

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The Final Steps

Get the final word on finalizing the sale! Closing refers to the preparation for the transfer of the property ownership from the seller to the buyer. Your real estate agent will tell you the customary method for closing in your area, and help lead you through the process.

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Is There More to Homebuying?

Finding and purchasing your home can be exciting and overwhelming. You may be relieved once you finally take possession of your new house but be aware that the financial responsibilities of homeownership are just beginning.

Whether monthly, biweekly or weekly, be sure that you always...

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Tips on Home Repair and Maintenance

Once you've finally settled in, home maintenance and repair is an inescapable part of home ownership. Therefore, it is always a good idea to be familiar with predictive and preventative maintenance for your every day household necessities, such as plumbing and electricity.

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